Social Media

Creating asocial media strategy for your business can be intimidating.  Where do you start, when there are so many platforms to choose from?  Would your business benefit from more engagement in a LinkedIn group, hits on YouTube or likes on Facebook?  What would your customers really gain from seeing your presence on Instagram?  What even is Pinterest?!  This is where we are here to help you develop the optimal social media exposure for the needs of your customers, and help you understand how to maximize this amazing phenomenon that is Social Media.

Your social media strategy is individual to you, your business and your consumers.  It takes into account,

Who your customers are and where they are from.

Where you’re most likely to find them.

What you need to do to keep them!


  • A Facebook page will transform your business into a relatable, tactile personable voice, which will easily integrate into your customer’s social life.
  • If you have a physical space, your customers can ‘check-in’ to your location, ‘like’ your page and ‘share’ your posts, page or promotions.
  • Having a Facebook page makes it easier for your customer to read reviews, find your location, ask questions, interact, and build trust and credibility with your brand.
  • You can even add custom apps to your page to enhance your user experience which can be as simple as linking to other social media accounts, or offering a link to a service (like making a booking, if you’re a hotel) which will save them time and effort.


  • The meaning of life in a 140 character tweet…who would have thought you could cram so much into so few letters?  Twitter gives short, sharp snapshots into your company, and is brilliant for showcasing and promoting all your diverse and interesting social media in one convenient location.
  • Although few people enjoy admitting it, Twitter is a pivotal cog in the customer service engine of any company.  You can stay in touch, in real time, and quickly solve problems, respond to questions, and look like the most interactive, easy to access company on the planet!
  • Use twitter as a multi-media and visual extravaganza of content for your customer to feed upon.  This can be everything from a positive comment on your blog, the most popular Facebook post, or even a snapshot from your latest shoot on Instagram!


  • Probably the most addictive social media site ever invented, Pinterest is a place for you to create ‘boards’ and ‘pin’ inviting looking visuals and links.
  • Be creative with your boards, and don’t just showcase your own content or products….that shizzle is boring!  Captivate imagination and make witty boards that give a well-rounded perspective to your company profile.
  • Pinterest adds value to your customers, because they get exciting little tidbits to pin on their boards, and value to you because all of their linking and pinning will increase your presence, and drive traffic to you!


  • The visual twitter of the smartphone world, Instagram has recently been bought by Facebook for one billion dollars!  It offers users customization and filters for their snapshots to make you look much cooler,than you might be.
  • Through the use of #hashtags, your customers can find pictures and inspiration, and follow others whose images will turn up in their newsfeed.
  • Ideal for quick snapshots and enticing images, you can use Instagram to give your customers a beautifully visual insight into the likes and loves of your business.


The #2 search engine in the world shouldn’t be ignored because when it comes to having the power to take you viral in a matter of seconds … no one can match YouTube!

Best Reason to Make a Video:-

MASS APPEAL:  Cross culture barriers and languages with audio-visuals and humour that require no words to be understood.

ENTERTAIN AND EDUCATE:  Your videos can show much more than a barrage of text ever could, and with music, visual and a voiceover, you will communicate so much more about what your brand is all about, rather than handing over a thick brochure of words!